Welcome to the YOR

Please take a few moments to familiarize yourself with the process you are about to use.

First Things First...
Several of the actions in the process will automatically open new browser windows. Many people have their browser set to block these 'pop-ups'. We will have to make sure your browser is allowing 'pop-ups'. If you are unsure, use this test which checks your settings. Did you get an alert? You must have your 'pop-up' blocker turned on.

To turn it off, go to the menu at the top of your browser and click the 'Tools' option. Go to 'Pop-up Blocker' and choose 'Turn Off Pop-up Blocker'. Try the test again. Now you are ready to proceed.

The 'Help' System
Due to the complex nature of the project proposal process and the lack of familiarity of many of the terms, a multi-level help system has been implemented. Whenever you see the "?" graphic you can roll-over it to display a 'tip'. At the bottom of the 'tip' there is a link to a more detailed explanation, contained in a PDF. Try the example below.
What is a PDF?

The Form
For ease of use, the application form for project proposals has been divided in sections. You may fill out a section or sections of the Form, save the draft, and then return to the draft proposal at a later time. We encourage regular saving of your proposal to avoid losing any material due to computer or Internet problems.

The Process
The first part of the Process requires that you set up a 'User Profile' on the Registry. You will choose a 'Username' and be given a 'Password'. Keep these safe and private as you will need them every time you login to the YOR.